Noha Nabil is a unique and unconventional personality that has swayed the Arab region. Rising to fame by the age of nine, the confident young girl grew up as a poet and a television presenter with a profound appreciation for her culture. Speaking from the heart with no filter, she has instilled authenticity within every medium she tackles and progressively deepened her connection with her fans to this day. Noha chose to step out of the limelight and settle down with her family during her early twenties. After becoming a mother, she found herself wanting more control of her own perception of beauty and became passionate about makeup. With no makeup artist around, she learned from YouTube tutorials to change her life around. Her love of makeup only kept growing, and since then has been keen on sharing advice with her community, from beauty tips to women's lifestyle choices. Proving by example, you can be a loving wife and mother, express yourself, follow your dream, and live out your passion. Always in the quest for forefront discoveries, she encourages the Arab woman to put forward their nuances and ultimately the freedom to tell their one-of-a-kind stories through the artistry of makeup and expression.